Integrated Playout

Acuitas® is the future of server technology that eliminates the traditional, serial-based proprietary boxes within the broadcast chain by employing off-the-shelf components. Acuitas delivers reliable and affordable High Definition playout, graphics, effects and switching.

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Automation Technology

AirBoss® provides extensive automation control of virtually every device used for presentation and gives the viewers a cleaner on-air look, while reducing operating costs. Florical systems are designed by television engineers with a focus on workflow and reliability.

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SMART Central
Cloud Applications

SMART Central® is a portal to access the many automation applications and services integral to your operational workflow. You can perform many functions from networked workstations with secure access through SMART Central.

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What We Do
Television Automation and Integrated Playout


Florical automation systems are prefect for multiple operational modes for large stations with regional sites. With multiple time zones, multiple device servers, zero timing across varied distances and devices and traffic interfaces for essentially every major traffic system gives us the advantage.

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Acquisition & Distribution

Prep and move your content with Florical. Manual ingest and QC are accomplished with MediaFiler and MediaTimer. Scheduled ingest from satellite or live feeds is automated using ShowTimer. File based content from program and spot delivery services as well as from local advertisers and in-house production can be ingested automatically using Asset Collector. Distributing ingested content to regional sites is accomplished using Asset Dispatcher.

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Server Technologies

The future of video server technology eliminates the traditional, serial-based, proprietary boxes within the broadcast chain by using all off-the-shelf, IT-based components to provide reliable and affordable High Definition playout, graphics, effects, and switching.

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World Class Support

Florical takes pride in offering that are robust and bullet proof systems. But in the case of on-air emergencies, our support department is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. For immediate attention, email

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Product Package Models

Looking for an automation system? Check out our product package models that provide entire broadcast playout and automation solutions.

Product Package
Model 1

Traditional "Best of Breed"

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