Gainesville, FL (March 26, 2014) — Florical announced today a new Smart Central acquisition application called AssetTagger, an asset management application that provides the user several options for creating, editing, and managing both metadata and file structure of digital media content.

This Smart Central application can be accessed through the web from any Network accessible computer. Smart Central is Florical's private cloud application server that allows the user to securely access primary on-air applications within the automation system through a web-based portal. AssetTagger can be launched as an SaaS (software as a service) application to ingest content from digital file sources or tape, time a show, "tag & bag" syndicated promos, view and approve content, or edit database information.

AssetTagger will replace Florical's legacy acquisition products such as MediaFiler, MediaTimer, and InventoryBrowser over the next couple of years. The first feature will be the automated "tag & bag" capability for the Florical Acuitas server.

See AssetTagger at the NAB 2014 (Booth #N5824) and experience the new automated workflow for managing "tag & bag" for syndicated promos within the Acuitas channel-in-a-box server. The user will ingest the "raw" promo and then mark the "in" point for the video and audio tags and then AssetTagger will generate multiple copies of the syndicated promo for playout. This feature will reduce the need for departmental involvement in the "tag & bag" process; saving both time and money.