Our standard and BXF interfaces convert traffic logs to on-air schedules and also convert as-run logs to reconciliation files for simplified and accurate traffic reconciliation.

The BXF Live Log interface adds additional value through real-time, two way communication from traffic to the automation system, and automation to the traffic system. Traffic is notified when spots are not in the system before air-time or if equipment issues occurred during air. Traffic can then directly make schedule adjustments to air a substitute spot to potentially eliminate make-goods and thereby saving your valuable revenue!


  • Standard - converts text files from your traffic system to Florical on-air schedues
  • BXF - uses the new SMPTE Broadcast Exchange Format to create on-air schedules from your traffic systems logs.
  • BXF Live Log –  two-way, real-time communication between traffic and automation. (Only available through SMART Central).
  • In conjunction with SMART Central, any of our traffic interfaces will automatically discover traffic logs and convert them to on-air schedules as they are made available from traffic - without operator intervention. As-run logs are also converted to reconciliation files automatically.

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