Florical's experience in centralized broadcast operations spans nearly two decades. The most powerful lesson our customers have taught us- there is no "one size fits all" approach. Each group owner has different business goals and ways to measure those goals. The only constant is the goal of streamlining operations and investing in an innovative platform that maps business goals directly to technology solutions.

Which metrics are the most important to you? How can you best leverage economies of scale taking full advantage of television group ownership? What does the infrastructure of your technical future look like? Consider the three elements of centralization- one or all of which can meet specific goals.

Centralized Acquisition and Distribution

Your content is king. Many television groups need to acquire the same syndicated material for many or all their stations. Current models involve acquiring, segmenting, and QC-ing at each physical location. What if this process can be managed centrally, or distribute the workload across multiple stations in many different cities? Can I eliminate acquisition equipment on the station-level and still intelligently distribute that content throughout your media enterprise? Why should we be doing the same thing at each station when we can acquire and prep ONCE, then deliver that content safely and securely over an accelerated LAN/WAN?

Florical's FlashForward acquisition and distribution system can manage one part or all of a group’s A&D requirements. Using a global scheduled acquisition system, Florical is able to import existing metadata and timing records from digital delivery devices such as PitchBlue, Pathfire, Extreme Reach, and others and have those fully prepped for QC or direct to air- all with zero operator touchpoints. The global schedule dictates which stations need the specific content, and distributes them.

Florical's AssetTagger serves as a way to tag and bag global promos automatically. Once a graphic- template has been established, Florical can create multiple promos for multiple facilities/call-letters and judiciously distribute them. So, creation of centralized and consistent graphics packages with individual station identifiers can be made available on-demand.

Business intelligence and content management of a file-based media enterprise should be easier to manage than what it is. Inherent complexities that come with managing video assets can be a thing of the past. Group wide business intelligence should flow freely from sales to traffic to on-air to billing to streamline the entire operation, not just master control.

We've simplified the system. Fewer moving parts quickens the time from content creation to monetization. Florical's systems are not task-machines of the past, but rather software that provides a specific service to the operation.

Software as a Service model (SaaS) enables levels of systems integration previously thought impossible. By intelligently extracting data from multiple sources to make simple, everyday business decisions based on quantifiable metric produces a positive result.

With Florical as your Centralization partner, you get a fully integrated television business operation suite that accelerates delivery of content, elegantly manages video assets across multiple storage platforms, streamlines the traffic and billing process, centralizes master control operations, and delivers your highest quality product to your audience, in whichever format you want.

Destructive data breaches in high-profile media companies have had their share of press lately. These breaches not only cost millions (one company estimated damages could cost $170 million), but they also expose proprietary information and severely impact operations. Protection from nuisance viruses is one thing, but protecting your content kingdom and business operation is entirely another. Florical employs multiple layers of user-identifiable security rights within its own products and also leverages mechanisms in place down to operating system level or corporate LAN/WAN user and group policies. Florical's web-based SmartCentral requires unique login information to access any of its associated apps, and group permissions can be set to enable or block certain features from each employee. Florical's product suite is designed with those who have security in mind.