FanChat gives you a way to generate revenue with a special kind of social networking using an instant messaging-styled chat agent that ties into AirBoss (Florical's Master Control TV broadcast automation).

Here's how it works:

Each FanChat user subscribes to chat rooms based on programming provided by the local station (i.e. primetime, news, sports, etc.). Prior to the start of the show the agent prompts the user to connect to an exclusive chat room with other local users. FanChat brings the viewers together with other viewers in the station’s market. The bonding of fans to programming to other fans is paramount.

Of course you can sell web banners in the chat room window that brings additional revenue to your station. The on-line banner ads can be in-sync with on-air commercial breaks, including links for local commercials. Users can then click the link to the advertiser's website with a special coupon offer.

This process was developed by Florical to allow local viewers the opportunity to connect while also providing the station the ability to generate revenue in the new media space. Viewers watch TV while being online already, why not have them focused on you and their favorite show’s FanChat page.

FanChat in the News


  • Boost On-Line Revenue
  • True Interactive Television
  • Remind Viewers to Tune-In
  • Promotes "Live Viewing"
  • Create a social network based on viewer interests
  • Tie On-Line banner ads to On-air Schedule
  • Requires no unique hardware or connection
  • Opportunity for instant coupons and real-time feedback


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