Florical's server and cache management system is a true Hierarchical Storage Management System for video and audio material, both programs and interstitials. It has been designed to handle multiple libraries, multiple servers and multiple caches, in any combination.

In addition to the traditional downward vertical movement of material from libraries, MediaMaster also controls horizontal movement from server to server or cache to cache, and upward vertical movement from cache to server and server to library.

MediaMaster was designed to focus on satisfying requirements for an amount of time ahead, instead of a number of events in the future. This provides guaranteed minimum safety levels and automatic load balancing. Load balancing will assure material amounts such that an equal amount of “loaded unit” clock time is obtained for all transmission channels.

The automatic and efficient operation of MediaMaster is derived from its ability to merge all schedules for all channels prior to making the decision as to the amount of content to load. It never deletes spots already loaded, a known problem with some systems that only focus on one channel at a time. Plus, MediaMaster only does purging after considering future schedules.

After considering any expiration date data in the database and existence of spots on future schedules, Florical's MediaMaster considers last airdate, spot length, and type of material, among other factors. Points are applied to the various factors, and the greater the number of points indicates the most likely spots to not be used again, therefore the best candidates for purging. For example, the more distant the last air date, the more points are applied to a spot, and the more likely it is to be purged. Unlike most systems, MediaMaster purges only the amount of spots needed to make space for new material.

Florical's MediaMaster is one of the most advanced and efficient server/cache management systems available in the TV and video industries. This capability really comes in handy at multiple transmission channel systems. MediaMaster dramatically reduces the investment in storage devices. The minimization of tape library or archive use extends life of the content and reliability of the hardware, which reduces maintenance costs.


  • Manage and move spots and program inventory between archives, libraries and video servers
  • Maintain optimum broadcast server caching with storage targets
  • Purge content based on asset expiration dates, traffic purge lists or schedule requirements.
  • Real-time status and performance reports so operators can plan ahead.
  • Supports multiple transmission channels per server and multi-server / multi-channel operations with unlimited number of output transmission channels.
  • Use any mix of server size for true system flexibility.
  • Mirror servers for short-term broadcast stream protection and evergreen material retention.

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