MediaTimer is a non-destructive media prep solution that creates and records segment times for program material stored on video servers or video tape machines (see Florical's AirBoss, Master Control TV Broadcast Automation system for playout). A drop-down list of house-numbers can be populated from traffic or through other ingest processes such as ShowTimer, MediaFiler and our PathFire interface. All relevant metadata entered through the ingest process (from traffic, MediaFiler, ShowTimer, etc.) will be displayed in MediaTimer as well. Operators simply select the exact in and out points of each program segment, then MediaTimer automatically creates sequenced house numbers from the primary file and stores the information in the database.


  • Access program metadata with the Florical media database to reduce data entry.
  • Accurately mark in-mark out each segment with frame-by-frame review.
  • Easily enter & review metadata including House Name, Media Name, Program Name, Episode Number and Agency ID.
  • Automatically increment segment numbers as each segment is timed.
  • Reference the total program air time which is continuously calculated by MediaTimer.
  • Monitor the Florical Media Database for segment time confl¬icts or expired segment times.
  • Print cue timing sheet reports for tra c and master control verification.
  • Use actual segment times to automatically update presentation schedules in AirBoss & AirBoss Editor.
  • Reduce data entry error by directly reading machine time code & storing the results in the Media Database for each program segment.
  • Efficiently segment material on video tape machines & video servers.
  • Reduce equipment costs by sharing machine control resources with other Florical automation products.
  • Share the same machines between multiple MediaTimer workstations.
  • Support virtually all VDCP protocol video servers & Sony protocol VTRs.
  • Access separate databases used in ShareCasting & multi-channel operations.
  • Select & edit each segment time using real time machine controls.
  • Control shuttle/jog, fast forward, rewind, stop, jog one frame, & go to beginning/end of file.
  • Use the optional multimedia controller with jog/shuttle knob & buttons for improved productivity & enhanced control.
  • Get machine status & current position feedback.
  • Control all source machines from one console.


  • System: Dell / Intel Core 2 computer with Microsoft Windows Windows XP Pro-SP3, 3.0GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 160GB HD X2, RAID1.
  • Options:
    • Additional VTR: Control an additional video tape machine as a source.
    • Additional Video Server Port: Control an additional video server encoder port for ingest & decoder port for review.
    • Shared Machine Control: Support shared machine control with a Florical device server for one or more MediaFiler devices.
    • Ingest Source Router Control: Control a single router output to automatically connect a source to the target (add one for each target).
    • Video Monitor Router Control: Control a single router output to automatically connect a video monitor for review of all sources or targets
    • Multimedia Shuttle/Jog Controller: Add an external controller with jog/shuttle knob & buttons for improved productivity & enhanced control.
    • Edit & encode tag placement on promotions with the Inscriber Namedropper XL, including split audio/video mark in points.
  • Supported Devices:
    • Video servers controlled using VDCP protocol via RS-422 unless otherwise noted.
    • Avid Pinnacle/HP:BVS, MediaStream 300, 700, 900, 1600, SAN series, 8000
    • Accom: Abekas 6000
    • 360 Systems: Imagestore 2000
    • Grass Valley Group: Profile 100, 200, 400, XP Series, Profile MAN, iVDR, K2
    • Leitch: VR300, VR420, VR440, VR445, Nexio
    • Omneon: Networked Content Server Series
    • SeaChange: BMC-830, BMS-830, BMC-1230, BMC-1250, BMC-1630, BMC-1650
    • Sony: MAV-70
    • Video Tape Recorders: VTRs controlled using Sony BVW protocol via RS-422.
    • Routing Switchers: Nx1 routing switcher controlled using GVG TEX-XL or Leitch protocol via RS-422 include:
    • Adrienne: AEC-1 (10x1) series, AEC-2 (10x2) series
    • Evertz: X-12 Series, X-95 Series
    • Grass Valley Group: Venus, Performer, Concerto, Horizon, Series 7000, Encore, TEN20, TEN-XL series
    • Leitch: VIA32 Series, XPLUS Series, XPRESS Series, Integrator Series
    • Practel: Series 16, Series 41, Series 64, Series 8000
    • Probel: Freeway
    • Nvision
    • Videotek: RS-12 Series


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