NR connects to iNews to learn about and queue the stories that an operator can record into the on-air playout servers, using the recording module of NR. The metadata provided by iNews is displayed to the operator to properly identify each story. Then, the publishing component of NR allows a producer to create News blocks from the individual stories, via drag-and-drop, and to publish them directly into the on-air playlist. The broadcaster benefits from not having to manage a separate News automation system in addition to the main on-air playout automation; there are no on-air surprises, as stories can be re-recorded if necessary; and minimal staff is involved.

The News blocks automatically appear in master control on the AirBoss screen. The producer on the NR publishing screen can see which blocks have already been published hwile also seeing which event is currently on-air; they can make last second changes to any block, to add, remove or re-order stories, with feedback that the stories are present in AirBoss. News blocks containing unrecorded stories can also be published, with proper status in AirBoss indicating such to the master control operator, until the stories are recorded. Furthermore, special flags allow the producer to avoid having back-to-back anchor head shots going from one story to another, providing for a clean on-air look. Purging of stories is also automatically handled, metadata and video clip.


  • Pre-record individual News stories
  • Playout stories from main on-air servers and playlists
  • Create and edit News blocks dynamically
  • Minimal staff required


  • Interface to iNews on Smart Central PC
  • Interfaces to broadcast video servers allowing dual simulatenous ingest/review
  • Interface to Florical MS SQL Media and Schedule databases
  • GUI and panel to cue/record/review/abort News stories on Desktop PC
  • GUI for creating/editing and publishing News blocks with AirBoss feedback
  • Integrates with AirBoss for playback to air and status
  • Integrates with MediaMaster for asset management

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