The beauty of Acuitas is that it is powered by Florical's award-winning AirBoss product and provides the most feature-rich, flexible, and reliable IT-based playout system on the market today. Acuitas completes Florical's product line by providing a complete IT infrastructure creating a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the television facility.

Integration to an IT-based, SOA environment may be difficult with most vendors, but with Florical we make it simple. Simplification is the key to remaining competitive in the business. Florical can help you bridge the gap from yesterday's legacy technology to tomorrow's ever-changing IT-based infrastructure. We make it simple to transition from the past to the future with Acuitas.

Acuitas can be utilized for a simple commercial insertion operation or run multi-channels. It's flexible and scalable to fit your operation needs.


Our systems are designed by television engineers with a focus on workflow enhancement and reliability. AirBoss is easy to operate for live programming and provides totally unattended operation of programs and commercials. With AirBoss you can improve the on-air look with frame-accurate control, easy drag-n-drop and cut-n-paste edits, and extensive reports including a pre-air discrepancy report to head off problems before they happen.

Florical systems are modular and can scale from a single channel to the needs of a multi-channel, fully redundant centralized operation. In larger systems, AirBoss uses distributed machine control architecture with multiple device servers which can be located anywhere on the network. The exclusive Zero Timing technology enables AirBoss to accurately compensate for video path delays between device-servers located thousands of miles apart.

AirBoss Editor

AirBoss Editor will convert your traffic log to an automation schedule or can create a schedule from templates if a traffic system is not available. Create and edit as far in advance as you can plan. Florical's advanced traffic interface is compatible with virtually every major traffic system in the U.S., with or without BXF.