On-Air Platforms


The beauty of Acuitas is that it is powered by Florical's award-winning AirBoss product and provides the most feature-rich, flexible, and reliable IT-based playout system on the market today. Acuitas completes Florical's product line by providing a complete IT infrastructure creating a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the television facility.

Integration to an IT-based, SOA environment may be difficult with most vendors, but with Florical we make it simple. Simplification is the key to remaining competitive in the business. Florical can help you bridge the gap from yesterday's legacy technology to tomorrow's ever-changing IT-based infrastructure. We make it simple to transition from the past to the future with Acuitas.

Acuitas can be utilized for a simple commercial insertion operation or run multi-channels. It's flexible and scalable to fit your operation needs.


Our systems are designed by television engineers with a focus on workflow enhancement and reliability. AirBoss is easy to operate for live programming and provides totally unattended operation of programs and commercials. With AirBoss you can improve the on-air look with frame-accurate control, easy drag-n-drop and cut-n-paste edits, and extensive reports including a pre-air discrepancy report to head off problems before they happen.

Florical systems are modular and can scale from a single channel to the needs of a multi-channel, fully redundant centralized operation. In larger systems, AirBoss uses distributed machine control architecture with multiple device servers which can be located anywhere on the network. The exclusive Zero Timing technology enables AirBoss to accurately compensate for video path delays between device-servers located thousands of miles apart.

AirBoss Editor

AirBoss Editor will convert your traffic log to an automation schedule or can create a schedule from templates if a traffic system is not available. Create and edit as far in advance as you can plan. Florical's advanced traffic interface is compatible with virtually every major traffic system in the U.S., with or without BXF.


FanChat gives you a way to generate revenue with a special kind of social networking using an instant messaging-styled chat agent that ties into AirBoss, Florical's Master Control TV broadcast automation.

Acquisition & Distribution


AssetTagger is an asset management application that provides the user options for creating, editing, and managing both metadata and file structure of digital media content. AssetTagger can be launched as an SaaS (software as a service) application in order to ingest content from digital file sources or tape, time a show, “tag & bag” syndicated promos, view and approve content, or edit database information.


AssetCollector is a robust asset management component that can automate the acquisition of file-based delivered broadcast content, both syndicated programming and commercials. AssetCollector replaces third party tools used to acquire file-based delivered content to free your operation from base-band and bring content into your play-to-air server.


Asset Dispatcher is a transfer agent that uses regional dub-lists and programming settings to push commercial and program material from a centralized ingest location to regional sites after material has been approved.


NewsRecorder will revolutionize the way you do news. Reduce costly overtime and staffing by recording stories into a server for later playback. Integrated with iNews and ENPS, NewsRecorder gives you a way to record individual stories and supply a 24/7 local news product.


ShowTimer manages satellite Network feeds or Live events by controlling satellite dishes, receiver and routers with a primary and up to two backup recording locations for each event. Create Record schedules effortlessly with Order Entry, Florical's "traffic" software for Satellite feeds and FTP transfers.


SatCom provides a consolidated location to remotely select, control and status multiple devices in one convenient location. With an intuitive user interface, one can remotely select, control and status devices such as Satellite antenna controllers, satellite receivers and routing switchers.


MediaFiler is the easiest asset acquisition software in the industry. Your traffic system or our dub-list processor can be used to create a drop-down list of "to be dubbed" material. ShowTimer, PathFire and/or FlipFactory interfaces add a "need to review" list in the MediaFiler drop-down list.


MediaTimer is a non-destructive media prep solution that creates and records segment times for program material stored on video servers or video tape machines. A drop-down list of house-numbers can be populated from traffic or through other ingest processes such as ShowTimer, MediaFiler and our PathFire interface.

Business Intelligence & Content

SMART Central

SMART Central will revolutionize the way you do business by giving immediate access to critical information to the decision makers. By utilizing a true SOA environment SMART Central easily handles new changes, requirements and demands placed on the broadcaster. Simplification is the key to remaining competitive. With SMART Central, simplification is made simple.

Based upon unique user rights, SMART Central allows the user to perform many functions from any networked workstation with secure access. Florical's unique Business Process Management (BPM) product employs the latest in advanced IT technology (web services and smart client applications) to provide a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within your operation.

BXF Traffic Interface

Florical Systems can interface to essentially all major traffic systems in the United States either through our standard interface, BXF interface or BXF Live Log interface. In conjunction with our SMART Central system, we make the line between your traffic system and Florical's automation system virtually invisible.

Supervisory Monitor

Florical's Supervisory Monitor displays multiple channels on a single computer screen including channel status indicators and color coded warnings. A single glance confirms operational status for both program and break material. And the best part, Supervisory Monitor can be installed anywhere within the station such as offices, break-rooms or Master Control.


MediaMaster is the most effective way to manage your assets for television automation of single channel, multi-channel and ShareCasting systems. The result of efficiently transferring assets from Library and Archive systems is a dramatic decrease in media transfers, which reduces costs and extends the life and reliability of your equipment.