Florical has been providing television automation systems for 30 years, and we take pride in offering our customers the flexibility and freedom of choice with broadcast gear. In a more traditional role, Florical acts as a common control and management thread for your facility's broadcast equipment and operational workflow- quickly and accurately delivering your content to air. The AirBoss toolkit is legendary for the automated operator tools it provides (join-in-progress, one-touch breaking news, and drag-and-drop GUI to name a few), maximizing the broadcast day and giving your advertisers and viewers the best possible experience.

Florical has also led the way on the fully integrated channel solutions (commonly referred to as "channel in a box" CiaB) with its premier product Acuitas. Originally released in 2006, the goal was to create the simplest and most affordable broadcast play-to-air system ever built- with the rock-solid Florical automation suite driving the ship.

Acuitas was designed to reinvent the industry; to find the perfect harmony between television broadcast systems, operational business intelligence, and IT infrastructures. Acuitas, our software-based, commodity hardware platform, provides outputs for two SD/HD playlist channels, full graphics package for both channels, all up/down/cross conversion of video, and emulation of a master control switcher with two live inputs per channel. In short, Florical has consolidated almost a million dollars' worth of traditional broadcast gear down to one singular 2 RU chassis. If your entire plant needs an affordable technology remodel, Acuitas is not only a wise choice- it's the best in the business.

This is a great opportunity to reliably consolidate moving parts of your technology chain. It doesn’t make sense to maintain multiple "one trick pony" devices from several different equipment vendors and an automation system? But it does sense to combine those functions with software on one common platform? Your plant will consume less to power, which helps you support sustainable energy initiatives. Go green with Florical.

Based on commodity hardware, Florical leverages the expertise of the most progressive hardware technology partners. Their expertise and up-to-the-minute support gives you an advantage. Florical has strategic partnerships with HP, Dell and Matrox and with these partners you get the best hardware platforms to run our software. Support expertise and recommended parts are available directly from the manufacturer or preferred hardware reseller. All hardware platforms include a 3-year 24/7/365 support center and next business day on-site parts and labor for repairs.

Redundancy is always a good business decision. If you lose sleep over that phrase "single point of failure" you need to think Florical first. The hardware platforms themselves contain a level of redundancy (multiple hard drives with separate file systems, dual power, dual/quad NIC, etc.), and the software can be architected in either single-threaded, N+2 for two channel at a time backups, or a full X/Y (primary and protect). We will work within your budget to make sure you have the right kind of protection for your operation.

True enterprise end-to-end solutions are what Florical is all about. Our broad ranges of tools make us the right choice for every broadcaster from the very small to the very large. Complexity does not increase with channel count and the cost operate per channel goes down significantly, therefore you benefit from economies of scale.

Florical, based in beautiful Gainesville, Florida is an independently operated television division of the largest radio broadcast software company in the world RCS. Florical employs passionate, hard-working people who are creative problem-solvers. We enjoy helping to drive this exciting industry and have been here for 30 years.