Unattended Satellite or live source Acquisition and FTP transfers - ShowTimer manages satellite Network feeds or live events by controlling satellite dishes, receiver and routers with a primary and up to two backup recording locations for each event. Create Record schedules effortlessly with Order Entry, Florical's "traffic" software for Satellite feeds and FTP transfers. All record metadata is entered into the Florical database for use with on-air automation to eliminate redundant data-entry and reduce errors. ShowTimer can populate a "requires review" list in MediaTimer so that an operator must segment the file before it goes to air.


  • ShowTimer OrderEntry - Traffic System for Scheduled Acquisition - The Traffic System for ShowTimer. Automatically creates daily ShowTimer schedules from long-term orders or one-time "special orders".
  • SatCom - Consolidated Location for Complete Satellite Control - SatCom provides a single location to control, view status and automatically log history for antenna controllers, satellite receivers and associated routing switchers.


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